Five Romantic Honeymoon Destinations On Vancouver Island, British Columbia

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Vancouver Island, located in the southwest corner of beautiful British Columbia, showcases its charm with mountains, lakes, rivers, fjords, bays, glaciers, beaches, and rocky cliffs. This diverse landscape generates a range of recreational activities, making it a perfect place for honeymooners who want to check out the island’s breathtaking scenery in a variety of ways. Choices include hiking, fishing, SCUBA diving, whale-watching, horseback riding, and sightseeing through the quaint villages with their historic Victorian architecture....

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Beach Vacation Prep: 4 Items You Can’t Forget To Pack

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Nothing kills a “Yay, I’m on vacation!” mentality like realizing you forgot to pack something you need. You might already know what to bring for a regular vacation, but a beach vacay requires different things than, say, a trip to Disney or a trek through the mountains. Save your extra cash for the souvenir shop by making sure that your suitcase contains the must-have items below.  Beach Wear  Bringing your bikini or swim trunks on a beach vacation is pretty much a given, but what about other beach attire? If the...

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